Term Description
Funds Withdrawal The funds withdrawal functionality allows you to submit a withdrawal request to SBOBET, allowing you to withdraw funds from your SBOBET account through the payment service provider which you have utilised during your funds deposit process.
GamCare A help support organization providing information, advice, support and free counseling for the prevention and treatment of problem gambling.
Games Exclusive games including keno, scratchcards, slots and virtual games available on SBOBET. Unlimited plays with no download and installation required.
Goal Kick A method of restarting play, and is awarded to the defending team when the ball leaves the field of play by crossing the goal line (either on the ground or in the air) without a goal having been scored, having been last touched by an attacking player.
Half Time The interval between the two halves of a sport event.
Half Time/Full Time (HT/FT) A bet type in SBOBET Sports. Bets can be made by predicting the half time and full time results of a designated match.
Handicap Point The handicap (hdp) points allocated to the underdog to create a more balanced betting environment between two mismatched competing teams.
Head To Head A bet type in SBOBET Sports. Bets can be made on the outcome of a match or event between two paired competitors. In the event of a draw result, all bets will be refunded at odds of 1.00.
Hit Hit means you wish to accept an additional card from the deck.
Home Team The team or player playing on its or his own ground or field, or in its or his own venue.
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