Term Description
Stand Stand means you do not wish to receive any additional cards from the deck.
SWIFT Code A unique identification code for a particular bank branch. It usually consists of 8 or 11 alphanumeric characters. This code is also known as a Bank Identifier Code or SWIFT-BIC. Please contact your bank if you are unsure about the SWIFT code.
TBD A term used in SBOBET Racing meaning “to be determined”.
Temple of Isis An Egyptian themed slots game in SBOBET Games, awarding players with free game opportunities to win up to 100 times total bet.
The Big Match The Big Match is a scratchcard game with a football match theme offered in SBOBET Games.
Today A betting market in SBOBET Sports offering events that kickoff as of the current day.
Total Goal A bet type in SBOBET Sports. Bets can be made by predicting the cumulative total goals or points scored in a match by the competing teams or players.
Tote Operator of pari-mutuel betting responsible for running the betting pools, collecting the pool bets, displaying potential dividends, calculating the final dividends and paying out winnings.
Tote Betting Bet types in which all money staked is placed into a pool. The odds of Tote betting are not known until the event has been closed for betting.
Tote Favourite Horse with the most number of Win bets on it on the Tote.
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