China Betting Rules

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Game Overview

Mysterious and wondrous artifacts of ancient China – from the powerful Xuan Yuan Sword to the glorious Imperial Seal. Now it's your chance to experience their powers.

Note: In case of malfunction, all game plays and payouts will be voided.

China game scene

General Information

Game Type 3X5 Video Slot
Number of Lines 100
Number of Reels 5
Wild Symbol Yes
Free Spins Feature Yes
Return to Player 98.13%
Win Direction LEFT to RIGHT
Win Amount Line Win = Line Bet x Odds
TOTAL Win = Sum all Line wins


China paytable

WILD Symbol

  • Have its own payout
  • Can substitute for any symbol except SCATTER symbol
  • Doesn’t need to be on a win line to win like normal symbols.
  • Only appear during BONUS FEATURE (FREE SPINS)


  • Have its own payout
  • Doesn’t need to be on a win line to win

Feature Information

Bonus Feature

China bonus feature triggered

  • When all 5 five character C H I N A appear on reels 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 the BONUS FEATURE will trigger and award 6 FREESPINS.
  • All Royal Symbols that was involved in spelling CHINA will be turned into WILD symbols when they appear in the FREESPINS.
  • C H I N A letters only appear on J, Q and K royal symbols.

China bonus feature

Gamble Feature

China gamble feature

Game Lines

China game lines

User Interface

China spin button Spin Button Start the spin with the current TOTAL BET. It is also used to start feature.
China collect the winningsChina stop button
Collect Winnings / Stop Change into different states when waiting to collect winnings or stop (when spinning)
China open paytable and info  China close button
Paytable / Info Display the paytable and info, rules of the game. Click CLOSE to go back to the main game or click > and < to change pages.
China autoplay  China gamble button
Autoplay / Gamble Open up the AUTOPLAY selection bar. Select the number of autoplays. Click START to start AUTOPLAY. After AUTOPLAY start click STOP AUTO to stop. When Gamble is turned on, the AUTOPLAY button will change to GAMBLE when waiting for the player to decide between collecting the wins or play Gamble feature.
China total bet
TOTAL BET Display the total amount of credits player will use in one spin. Changing this will also change the win amounts displayed in Paytable screen due to our dynamic paytable.
China balance display
BALANCE Display the balance amount
China win display
WIN Display the current win amount
China notification bar
Notification Bar Display the game’s notifications
China expand button  China revert button

Expand / Revert Toggle between normal display / full-screen display mode
China sound on  China sound off
Sound On/Off Toggle sound on/off
China history button
History Display the details of played game rounds
China settings button
Settings Toggle BGM music and gamble on/off

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