HiLo Trips Betting Rules

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The Game

HiLo Trips allows you to bet on the numeric value of the next card to be drawn. Three decks of 13 cards are used. There are two betting options, Hi or Lo.  Bet either that the next card drawn will be of a higher or lower numeric value than the card displayed. Aces are a high card in this game.

Starting the Game

Once the game has loaded, the player will be presented with the game screen. In order to start the game, simply select stake and press ‘Start’. This will engage the game.
HiLo Trip game scene

HiLo Trip cards revealed

How to play

To play simply select your stake and click on ‘Start’ to receive your 3 initial cards, then select your bet option (i.e., Hi or Lo on any given card). The next card of the deck will be shown. If you guessed correctly the game is resulted as win. Every time a win occurs, the option to choose to collect your winnings or roll them over to your next bet.The option to have a different set of initial cards is available, where pressing the shuffle button up to 3 times which will make a new deck of 3 appear.  Shuffling can only be used 3 times before having to bet Hi or Lo.

  • Player stakes 100 and presses ‘Start’.
  • The 3 cards appear showing J, 10 & 6
  • Player presses ‘Lo’ on J, with odds of 1.40 that the next card will be lower in value than J.
  • The card that follows is 4, therefor is returned 140.
  • Player then selects ‘Collect’ and the winnings are transferred to their balance.

Win or Lose

The turn is won or lost depending on if the player guesses either Hi or Lo correctly. For example, if the player wins 3 bets in a row without collecting their winnings and the 4th turn is lost, the accumulated winnings for the previous 3 bets will be lost. Players can only have currency added to their balance if collect is clicked.

Game Controls

Game controls are as follows:
Startonce the stake has been placed, this engages the game and the initial 3 cards for that turn are revealed.
Speedadjusts the speed in which the cards are flipped
Hiplayer bets the next card to be flipped on the respective card to be higher in value than the current.
Loplayer bets the next card to be flipped on the respective card to be lower in value than the current card.
Shufflechange the cards displayed in that turn to be randomised.
Stake Adjustincrease or decrease the stake placed for that turn
Collectwinnings for that turn are transferred to player’s balance

Likelihood of Winning

The Theoretical % RTP (Return To Player) for HiLo Trip is RTP AS PERCENTAGE 96.37%. 

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