Dragon Fishing 2 Betting Rules

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How to play

To start playing, the player has the option to select 1 of the 2 table limits (Newbie Area and Expert Area) to their preference on the main screen. Each of the selection will have similar betting options but different payouts. Once the preferred table limit is selected, the screen will shift into the Game Stage.

Dragon Fishing-2 Table Limits

The player can also choose fishing zone in Dragon Fishing 2 after deciding the target table limits by clicking Change Mode.

Dragon Fishing-Change Mode

The player must have SBO balance to play Dragon Fishing 2.

Each fishing zone allows a maximum of 4 players at once. The player's cannon (Multiplier) will be fixed beside the right-bottom corner. After getting into any fishing zone, the player can pick the desired denomination by clicking - or + to adjust bets. The lowest denomination is selected by default when the player first enters the game. Different type of cannons (Multipliers) go with the denominations the player choose. Then the player can shoot and fire at any chosen target of choices.

Dragon Fishing-Fishing Zone
Cannon TypeMode
Newbie AreaExpert Area
Type 1
From bet 0.1 to 0.7
Dragon Fishing-Cannon 0.1Dragon Fishing-Cannon 0.7
From bet 1 to 7
Dragon Fishing-Cannon 1Dragon Fishing-Cannon 7
Type 2
From bet 0.8 to 3
Dragon Fishing-Cannon 0.8Dragon Fishing-Cannon 3
From bet 8 to 30
Dragon Fishing-Cannon 8Dragon Fishing-Cannon 30
Type 3
From bet 3.5 to 10
Dragon Fishing-Cannon 3.5Dragon Fishing-Cannon 10
From bet 35 to 100
Dragon Fishing-Cannon 35Dragon Fishing-Cannon 100

In order to shoot down or capture any targeted fish or creature, use the cannon to aim toward the fish or creature locations and fire away. The player can long press on the screen to enable Auto Shoot, or double click on the fish to enable the Lock Function. All shots fired by the player will be reflected around the border of the game screen until it makes a hit or contact with any fish or creature across its path.

Fish capturing are based on a set Mathematical Probability.The larger the cannon (higher Multiplier) increases the chances of capturing the fish. All wins are multiplied by Denomination only.

All in-game balance will be returned to the player’s account when exiting the game.

Over a long period of time, the game is likely to average a return to the player of 96.75% of the total bets made.

Betting Options and Paytable

The following are the betting options of the Dragon Fishing 2 game. Each betting option has its multiplier. All wins are multiplied by Denomination only.

Dragon Fishing-Paytable


Dragon Fishing-Multipliers

Electronic Malfunctions

When disconnection during the game, if there is remaining of Dragon Bazooka bullets, Level 1 will be refund by 6X of the initial in-play bullet value, Level 2 will be refund by 9X of the initial in-play bullet  value, Level 3 will be refund by 12X of the initial in-play bullet value.

When disconnection during the game, if the player still own the Mega Drill bullet, the system will refund with the random 10X to 50X of the initial in play bullet value.

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