Fruit Frenzy Betting Rules

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Game Overview

The It's a party on Olympus but the wine has run dry!!! Match fruits to make wine to appease Zeus and reap the rewards in this fast paced line Match 3 adventure!

The Fruit Frenzy

How to play

Game Goal- Turn Fruits Into Wine!

Match the fruits to fill the bars and turn them to wine!

The goal of the game is to match as many fruits possible before running out of moves. Matching fruits fills the corresponding bar on top of the game board. Each bar has a different multiplier. When the bar fills up completely, the fruits will be turned into wine and the multiplier win amount is awarded!

Score points with every match. Score 10,000 points to unlock the Jackpot Game for a chance to win big!

The average expected of long term return to player (RTP) percentage is 90.8%.

Game Goal

Basic Gameplay

Match 3 or more of the same fruits to fill their bars and make wine!

Fill the fruit bars to win cash based on the fruit multiplier amounts!

The game uses touch screen controls. Tap on 3 or more fruits of the same kind to match.

Matching fruits clears them from the screen and drops more fruits down.

Make as many matches as you can before running out of moves.

Match 5 or more fruits to spawn special boosts, free games or bonus coin symbols.

Matching Fruits

Match 3 or more of the same fruit to clear them from the board and fill their corresponding multiplier bar! Simply tap on the fruits to match them!

Fruit Symbol

Orange Lemon Grapes Cherry Watermelon

Matching 5 fruits unlocks a random boost, free game or bonus coins symbol.


Random boosts may include a Charmed Apple or a Mighty Zeus powerup.


The Charmed Apple can be matched with any fruit!


The Mighty Zeus power up automatically activates once it's unlocked. It clears an entire horizontal or vertical line.


While playing, Bonus Coins or Free Game Symbols may drop from the top of the game board or spawn from matching 5 fruits. Match 3 of these symbols to get Bonus Coins or Free Games!

Bonus Coins

Bonus Coins Symbol
Match 3 of these to score a Cash Bonus!

Free Game

Free Game Symbol
Match 3 to win Free Games!

Free Games

Free games award 1-5 free rounds with the same bet amount.

Multiplier Meter

Win cash by filling the fruit multiplier bars!

Matching fruits fills up the multiplier bar on top of the game board.

Different fruits have award different multiplier amounts!


See the game Paytable for more information.

Jackpot Game

Score 10,000 points to unlock the Jackpot Game!

To play the Jackpot Game, tap on 6 doors to open. Match 3 symbols to win!

Jackpot Game

Possible winning matches include:

  1. Match 3 Bonus Coin Symbols to win cash!
  2. Match 3 Free Game symbols to win free games
  3. Match 3 Jackpot Symbols to win big!

Jackpot Game Winning Symbols

Bonus Coins Symbol

Bonus Coins

Free Game Symbol

Free Game

Jackpot Symbol!



The more wine you make for Zeus, your player character will LEVEL UP!

Level ups include Zeus granting wishes like new clothes and jewels for your character; and invitations to important events and parties.

Level Up
Level Up

Level ups are part of the game story, and do not affect your ability to win.


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