X-O Manowar Betting Rules

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Game Overview

X-O Manowar is a legendary Valiant Comic story of epic proportions. Go on a galactic wide quest with Aric of Dacia (X-O Manowar) as he battles everyone, from the Romans to the brutal colonizing alien race known as the Vine. X-O Manowar is a 5-reel, 25-line action slot with plenty of features including free spins, Sticky Wilds, cash prize multipliers and 5 riveting bonus games that always pay. Put on your armour, pick up your weapon and fight for humanity, for the earth, and to WIN!

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Game Paylines

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Game Features

Game Chapters

The game takes you through 5 different chapters and in each chapter, you have 5 waypoints that you will need to reach (the waypoint appears on the left side of the game). The purple liquid indicates the progress inside the waypoint and the growing vine shows you which waypoint you are on. When you fill a waypoint (1-4), you will receive one of 3  possible boosts, and when you reach the fifth waypoint, you will switch to the next chapter.

*Any change of the bet amount during the game will nullify the waypoint progress and will take you back to the beginning of the current waypoint. It is recommended to only change the bet amount at the beginning of each waypoint.*

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Game Boosts

In the game, there are three types of boosts that are won when you reach waypoints 1-4 (the fifth waypoint transfers you to the next chapter):

  • Sticky Wilds Boosts - Any wild that appears on the reels for the next five rounds will become sticky for 3-5 rounds.

    X-O Manowar sticky wilds boosts.jpg

  • Free Spins Boosts - Randomly awards 10, 15 or 20 free spins.

    X-O Manowar free spins boosts.jpg

  • Cash Prize Multiplier Boosts - Multiplies your bet amount by one of the following multipliers: X6, X12, X18, X24 and X32.

    X-O Manowar cash prize multiplier boosts.jpg

Bonus Game

To win the bonus game, you will need to get three or more bonus symbols on the game reels.

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There are five different bonuses that can be won randomly.When the bonus game is won, the lobby screen will appear where you will see the relevant bonus highlighted in color. After you click on the highlighted bonus, the bonus game will begin.

X-O Manowar bonus game.jpg

  • The Hara Vine - Select up to six flowers from the "Hara Vine" and try to find the "miraculous armour" hiding inside to win the bonus multipliers. The possible multipliers you can win are between X9 to X40 of your bet.

    X-O Manowar bonus game the hara vine.jpg

  • Battle Commander Thrill - Select one of three ways to attack the robot and win the multiplier amount shown under the attack options. The possible multipliers in this game are between X2 to X20.

    X-O Manowar bonus game battle commander thrill.jpg

  • Vine or Not - Scan the humans to try and find the vine hiding inside them. If you find the vine, you win, but if it's a human, you fail. You have up to three busts before the game is ended. The possible multipliers you can win are between X2 to X25.

    X-O Manowar bonus game vine or not.jpg

  • Defend the Earth - Defend the earth by shooting the 10 battle ships and find the diamond hiding inside them. You have up to three busts (no diamonds) before the game is over. The possible multipliers in this game are between X4 to X18.

    X-O Manowar bonus game defend the earth.jpg

  • The Trial of Shanhara - Move around the board using the arrows and defeat the enemies on the way to win the prize and to end the trial. The possible multipliers you can win are between X4 to X32.

    X-O Manowar bonus game the trial of shanhara.jpg

Playing the Game

To play a round, configure your bet using the 'Bet' Plus / Minus buttons, and press X-O Manowar spin button.png or 'Spacebar' to submit the bet and initiate the round. A second click on the X-O Manowar stop button.png X-O Manowar skip button.png or the 'Spacebar' will fast-forward the round to the round results, or in the case of multiple lines winning, will skip the win animation and start the next round. The round can also be initiated using the 'Autobet \ Autoplay'.

Payout Rules

  • Winning combinations are paid per line in succession from the leftmost reel to the rightmost reel.
  • A line win in credits or currency is equal to the value shown in the PAYTABLE, multiplied by the line bet amount.
  • Winning combinations and payouts are calculated according to the game's 'Paytable', which can be accessed through the 'Info' button X-O Manowar info button.png.
  • All symbols multipliers can be found in the Symbol screen in the Info pages.
  • The prizes are calculated using the following formula: Bet amount, multiplied by the symbol multiplier, divided by the number of paylines (25).
  • Only the highest win per line is paid.
  • Simultaneous wins on different bet lines are added up.
  • All wins occur on the selected paylines, excluding bonus wins.
  • Changing the bet amount will nullify the waypoint progression to the beginning of the current waypoint.

Payout Rules in Features

  • Free Games (Free Spins features) are played at the same bet amount as the round that activated the Free Games.
  • Free Games wins are added to any initial bet line wins.
  • At the end of Free Games, the game returns to the round that activated the Free Games Spins.
  • Change in the bet amount during sticky wilds boost will cause the losing of the boosts.
  • All Bonuses and boosts multipliers are calculated on the current bet X the feature multiplier

Reality Check

The reality check control alerts you as to how much time you have spent playing the game. The time interval can set by visiting 'My Account' through the host casino's website.

*The reality check is mandatory under the UKGC regulation.

The popup message displays the amount of accumulated time spent in the game, from the moment the game is launched until the popup appears.

The alert message will popup in the middle of the screen based on the defined time interval and will stay on the screen until you choose one of three actions:

  • Continue – You will return to the game being played.
  • Go to account – You will be redirected to your user account on the host website. In desktop mode, your account will open in a new window\tab. On mobile, the game screen will change to your account and will exit the game.
  • Quit game – This will exit the game and return you to the games lobby.

X-O Manowar reality check.png

General Information

Game Type Video Slot
Number of Paylines \ Ways 25 (Fixed)
Number of Reels \ Rows 5
Game Features Five different worlds with ever-changing periodic boosts based on the player's winning progression and a unique bonus game for each world
Return to Player 95%
Default Denominations By Vendor
Full-Screen Support Yes
Sound Control Yes
Mobile Support Yes

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