Term Description
Lucky Dice A dice game offered in SBOBET Games. Players can bet on the result of the roll of a pair of standard dice.
Makeover Magic A slot game featuring fashion girl and trendy makeover with free spin and prize pick opportunities, offered in SBOBET Games.
Malay Odds An odds type used in SBOBET Sports. Malay odds are quoted either as a positive or a negative number not greater than 1. A negative odd when multiply with your stake shows you the amount you will need to risk in order to win 1 unit. A positive odd when multiply with your stake shows you the potential winnings if the bet is won.
Market The betting market is where you place a bet on an event offered by SBOBET. Events open for betting may be offered in different markets such as a particular soccer match may be offered in both the Today and 1X2 & DC markets.
MasterCard You can deposit via MasterCard at SBOBET. MasterCard is a global bank card payments brand with the principal business of processing payments.
Maximum Bet (Max Bet) The maximum amount of stake you can place for each bet varies according to the specific bet type and is subject to change without prior notice by the operator.
Maximum Payout (Max Payout) The maximum winning amount you can receive from SBOBET if your selection wins an event.
Mazzetti Mazzetti is a card game offered in SBOBET Games.
Mini Jewels of Anubis The mini version of Jewels of Anubis scratchcard games.
Mini Toto Keno The mini version of Toto Keno Bingo game.
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