Term Description
Point Spread Used to even the odds of a particular sport event. Each team or player has points either added to its score or subtracted from its score, to determine if the bet is a winner.
Pool In pari-mutuel betting or tote betting, all money staked is placed into a pool.
Promotion Code When registering for a SBOBET account, you can provide a valid promotion code to enter your participation in the current promotion that SBOBET is holding. A promotion code is not a required field.
Racecard Used in horse racing to give information on horses running in a race, such as horse name, age, weight carried and its trainer.
Racing SBOBET Racing offers all racing related events such as horse racing, harness racing and greyhounds racing for you to place bets on.
Raise A game feature in Red Dog allowing players to raise wager by the amount of the original wager prior to the dealer drawing the third card.
Red Card A penalty card used in several different sporting codes. The definition of a red card differs among sports, however it most commonly indicates a serious offence and often results in a player being permanently suspended from the game. Red cards are shown on the odds display page for general information only.
Red Dog A card game offered in SBOBET Games. Players can predict whether the value of a randomly drawn card falls between the values of two cards selected previously by the dealer.
Reel All slot machines have reels, which are the wheels with symbols printed on them.
Remote Gambling Association (RGA) SBOBET is a member of the Remote Gambling Association (RGA), a London & Brussels-based trade association for licensed gambling operators in the UK and Europe.
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