Placing a Bet

21 How does the auto process bet feature work?

When enabled, the auto process bet feature will allow the system to automatically process your bet upon the next change in odds if the updated odds price is better than the previous one. Odds prices often fluctuate due to market conditions and enabling the…

22 Why do the odds change frequently during betting?

This is known as odds fluctuation, wherein odds are adjusted from time to time as the probability of the outcome of an event varies due to changing circumstances. We will accept bets only at the odds applicable to the selection at the time the bet is placed…

23 Why does my statement page indicate “Set Handicap” even though I'm betting on Tennis set winner or period betting?

Set handicap is the general category in Tennis betting, however, settlement of your bet will be based on the market title itself. If your bet is on period betting such as First Set Winner, Second Set Winner, etc., then the settlement will be based on the…

24 I have enabled score sound alert, will I be notified when there is a change in score for all events or only for events I have placed bets on?

Once you have enabled the score sound alert feature, you will only be notified when a goal is scored or when an even corner is awarded for events you have made a bet on.

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