Placing a Bet

1 What is live betting? Featured

Live betting is an exciting form of wagering that allows you to place bets on events that are ongoing at the same time when you are browsing the odds on SBOBET’s website. Odds prices are dynamic with live betting and change in accordance to the course of…

2 What is Asian Handicap? Featured

Originating from Asia, Asian Handicap betting ups the thrill and excitement of conventional fixed odds betting by eliminating the possibility of the draw outcome. Asian Handicap is a form of betting that creates a more level betting environment between two…

3 Why do the odds change frequently during betting?

This is known as odds fluctuation, wherein odds are adjusted from time to time as the probability of the outcome of an event varies due to changing circumstances. We will accept bets only at the odds applicable to the selection at the time the bet is placed…

4 What is the maximum payout per bet for each betting market?

The mix parlay market is the only betting market with a maximum payout limit. You can find the maximum payout displayed at the top of the mix parlay betting page.

5 I have enabled score sound alert, will I be notified when there is a change in score for all events or only for events I have placed bets on?

Once you have enabled the score sound alert feature, you will only be notified when a goal is scored or when an even corner is awarded for events you have made a bet on.

6 How does the Over/Under split handicap work?

In an Over/Under market, you will have to forecast whether the total number of goals or points will be over or under the given number. In split handicap betting, your stake is automatically divided equally and placed as 2 separate bets, where you have the…

7 What does the red and green sign sometimes shown beside the odds mean?

The red and green signs serve as indicators for odds fluctuations. The green sign indicates that the current offered odds price has increased and has the tendency to go higher while the red sign indicates that the odds price has decreased and will go lower.

8 What is the difference between Asian 1X2 and European 1X2?

In Asian 1X2, you have the option to select and place your bet at a better odds price after a goal scored, provided that you offset any existing goals prior to confirming the bet ticket. While in European 1X2, you are only betting on the final outcome of…

9 Can I watch live streaming on SBOBETv for free?

Live streaming services on SBOBETv are exclusive for SBOBET members once a single bet is placed on the available events with the streaming offer.

10 How does the auto process bet feature work?

When enabled, the auto process bet feature will allow the system to automatically process your bet upon the next change in odds if the updated odds price is better than the previous one. Odds prices often fluctuate due to market conditions and enabling the…

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