Champions' Challenge Terms and Conditions

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Win pair of CAT 1 tickets to 2017 International Champions Cup Singapore!

SBOBET Champions' Challenge

Ticket Info:

2017 International Champions Cup, Singapore

Chelsea FC Vs FC Bayern Munich 25th July 2017 7:35pm

FC Bayern Munich Vs FC Internazionale 27th July 2017 7:35pm

A pair of 2 days matches Category 1 tickets worth SGD $700.

Top 3 WinnerA pair of tickets for each winnerMost Net Winning
Top 3 LucklessA pair of tickets for each winnerMost Net Losing
2 x Most number of betsA pair of tickets for each winnerMost Number of Valid Bets

How it works?

  1. Click on “Sign Me Up!” to join the challenge. The system will register your account to the challenge.
    The result for this challenge will start on 28th April 2017 00:00 (GMT +8).
  3. The result of this challenge will apply on any market except Mix Parlay and Outright of the following leagues:
    a. English Premier League
    b. German Bundesliga
    c. Spain La Liga
    d. Italy Serie A
    e. UEFA Champions League
    f. UEFA Europa League


  1. This Challenge commences from 00.00:00 (GMT+8) on 28th April 2017 until 11.59:59 (GMT+8) on 4th June 2017.
  3. This challenge is available only to customers with a registered address in CHINA, INDONESIA, MALAYSIA, THAILAND and VIETNAM.
  5. Customers account must be in RMB, IDR, MYR, THB or VND.
  7. Only bets placed on English Premier League, German Bundesliga, Spain La Liga, Italy Serie A, UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League will be eligible to be counted towards the result. Reject, Refund and Void bet will not count towards the result. 
  9. Mix Parlay and Outright will not be counted towards the result.
  11. Winners will be announced on the 4th of June 2017. Collection of the ticket will be informed through registered email.
  13. The winner must present on the ticket collection day. Collection by 3rd party will not be entertained.
  15. The ticket is non-transferable or redeemable for cash.
  17. Participants hereby agree to provide their consent to Celton Manx Limited ( to use their names and photographs for publicity purposes and agree to co-operate with Celton Manx Limited or SBOBET in future marketing and promotion campaigns.
  19. Participants who are NOT eligible to accept the prize for whatever reason will be automatically disqualified.
  21. In the event of multiple participants having the same Net Winnings and Net Losing in the same category or ranking, winners will be decided based on the highest numbers of valid bets in the said category. For Most Numbers of Bets, the winners will be determined by the highest Net Winnings.

  22. Winners are entitled to only 1 prize. Should they win the main category (Winner or Luckless) and sub category (Number of bets), the winner will be entitled for 1 main category prize only and the sub category prize will be given to the next most eligible winner. 
  23. SBOBET reserves the right to request confirmation of the details of any participant which must tally with their registered SBOBET account and, for this purpose; the participant agrees to give their consent for such information verification.
  25. These Terms and Conditions, as published in English from time to time, govern this Challenge. Translations into other languages are made as a service and are made in good faith. In the event of ambiguity the English version shall prevail.
  27. Where applicable the General Promotion Terms and Conditions shall apply to this Challenge.

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