How are dividends calculated in Tote betting?

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Winning dividends are calculated by dividing the total amount of stakes entered into the Host Tote’s pool (less Deductions) by the number of winning units. The percentage Deductions taken from each pool vary depending on the Host Tote and the country where the Host Tote operates.

As an example, the following illustrates a race between five horses with a 10% deduction from the pool.

Tote Pool: $265

HorseStake AmountOdds CalculationTote Odds
A$50265 x (1 – 10%) ÷ $504.77
B$30265 x (1 – 10%) ÷ $307.95
C$20265 x (1 – 10%) ÷ $2011.93
D$15265 x (1 – 10%) ÷ $1515.9
E$150265 x (1 – 10%) ÷ $1501.59

Total: $265

Player X, Y and Z placed bets on Horse B with a total of $30 being pooled into the Tote pool. Taking Horse B as the winning outcome of the race, the distribution of the winning dividends would be as follows.

PlayerStake AmountDividends CalculationWinning Dividends
X$157.95 x $15119.25
Y$107.95 x $1079.5
Z$57.95 x $539.75
     Total: $30  
For more details on the settlement of bets, please read our Specific Sport Betting Rules for Horse Racing.

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